International Equine Science MeetingIESM 2015

Network Meeting

Thursday 28th May 2015 – Friday 29th May 2015  at Nürtingen University

During the event pictures will be taken in charge of the University and may be published in the printed and online media of Nürtingen-Geislingen University

Conference Organizer: Konstanze Krüger University of Applied Science Nuertingen
Assistant Organizers: Birgit Flauger University of Hohenheim
  Iris Bachmann Agroscope, Swiss National Stud Farm
Discussion Group Organizer David Pick Purdue University Calumet
  Knut Krüger webmaster

Saturday 30st May 2015 , Excursion, social day


Target group: Biologists, Psychologists, Agricultural Scientists, Veterinarians and Professionals in equine management and training

Key Note Speakers (alphabetic order):

Konstanze Krueger Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Science Konstanze Krüger
 Social learning and innovative behaviour in horses
Rupert Palme Vetmeduni, Vienna

Institute for Medical Biochemistry


Ao.Univ.-Prof. Rupert Palme
Non-invasive monitoring of stress hormones for welfare assessment in domestic and wild equids
Daniel Rubenstein

Princeton University

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Prof. Dr. Daniel Rubenstein
Network analysis for equine social systems


Concept Network Meeting IESM 2015

The IESM is an international, interdisciplinary conference for equine scientists. The conference aims to advance the dialogue between scientists in the field of psychology, biology, agriculture, and veterinary medicine. All sessions are accompanied by round table discussions.

Contributions on fundamental research in the area of equine cognition, social behaviour, communication and ecology are particularly welcome. This year’s conference will have a special session on “non invasive monitoring” and “housing systems” for equines. With this session we aim to present a broad overview of the research on equine welfare in different housing systems and discuss its practical implementations.

Conference Language: English
Round table discussions: For the main topics